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The Holistic Teen Coach provides a unique service
of teenage mentoring and therapy in addition to working
closely with Schools giving workshops
and offering parental support. 



Addiction for some can be a harsh term that’s surrounded by stigma and shame. The vast majority of teens however, have or will experience feelings and behaviours of addiction. Jade provides education for young people to develop an awareness of how addiction transpires physically, psychologically, behaviourally and situationally. 


Confidence Building

Confidence is something we gain through learning from our experiences and keeping a positive mind-set when things get tough. Jade draws on her experiences as a young person and uses her learnings to educate young people on how to keep a positive mental attitude in times of stress or upset and become aware of triggers and patterns that can cause a lack of self esteem.


Self-Harm Awareness

Get a general understanding of physical, emotional and psychological indicators of self-harm and discover alternative coping strategies. Jade uses her knowledge and understanding of the immense social pressures and expectations young people face today to educate young people into how to become more self aware of the effect this has on their confidence and self esteem.


Teenage Hormones

Puberty is inevitable; for some this can be a relatively smooth transition, but for most it is a bewildering time in which we feel out of sync and out of control with ourselves. Jade will educate you on the basic changes we go through in puberty and help you find your own calming resources to help cope with the changes. 


Eating Disorders

Despite eating disorders ever-increasing statistics there is still a heavy stigma attached to it. Jade educates young people on how to be more aware of this stigma, how it affects themselves, others and their community. Jade uses mentoring and coaching strategies to help young people to uncover their own triggers and issues around food, body confidence and overall self- esteem, which in turn can provide a empathy and understanding of others who are struggling, leading to more compassionate thinking and behaving for themselves and to others. 


Exam Nerves

Exam nerves are inevitable; the trick is to help manage those nerves in a healthy and tactful way. Jade uses coaching and mentoring methods to provide young people with a structure for revising and an awareness of managing emotions in the lead up to exams. She also provides emotional support in this difficult time to help aid the young people she works with to keep calm and focused.


Relationship Issues

Communication is the key to any healthy relationship. Jade will provide you with skills to enhance your personal and professional relationships whether at home or at school. Through mentoring and coaching Jade will equip you with the right tools to get the best out of your relationships by learning to understand how other people think feel and behave, and to also take ownership of your own actions. 


Stress Management

Teen years are extremely important in paving the way in which we manage stress. With the amount of stimulus we have around us in this day and age it is more necessary that ever that we are aware of what causes us to become overwhelmed, and how to deal with it. Jade will educate you to become aware of your bodies response to stress, your triggers and learn coping and management strategies.

Jade Saffer

Jade, like many others had a tough upbringing and faced many of the
pressures young people face today. She found her freedom through therapy
and felt liberated. Jade’s passion to help young people
find their own path to freedom drove her to launching her own private practice.

Jade is a regular columnist for the Holistic Therapist Magazine, coaching
readers on issues facing today’s youth. She holds 
a Mastery Diploma in NLP, Hypnotherapy
 and Coaching and is trained in EFT (Emotional 
Freedom Techniques). She uses a 
combination of these skills to facilitate lasting change with the people she works with.

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What they say about Jade

“Jade was very knowledgeable about the subject of the workshop. She was very warm, approachable and open to questions.”

“Jade was the ideal balance of friend and mentor, allowing my son to comfortably open up to her but still acknowledge the boundaries between therapist and client.”

“It was really easy to connect with Jade because she understands exactly what young people go through in today's world.”

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